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We are happy that you want to be represented by castin and be involved in exciting projects. Please upload at least four photos of good quality here. They should show you in daylight and clearly recognizable. You should not wear sunglasses or much make-up. In addition to portraits, there should be images on which your stature can be seen. And of course, the other information is important too.

By the way: We don’t necessarily need professional application photos. Private snapshots will do.

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  1. What does casting mean?

    Casting has several meanings; in the film or photography business it has but one: Cast. And that’s our job. We cast the appropriate characters mainly for advertising productions for film and photo shoots.

  2. At what age can I apply?

    We caste people over the age of 16 and the completion of the 9th grade- condition is the permission of the guardian. There are no limits "upwards" as long as the well-being is not impaired.

  3. What are the jobs I can do?

    Our customers mainly come from the advertising print and the advertising film sector – they are photographers, advertising agencies and film and photo productions.

  4. How much can I earn?

    From 200 euros to 2,500 euros and above everything is possible. The model fee depends on the model status (lay, semi or professional), the customer, the advertising volume (how long the ad is placed, distribution, circulation etc.), the advertising medium (advertisement, poster, packaging or commercial etc.) and of course the production time/time of action. The condition is that you have a business registration or can provide a tax number or social security number so that your earnings can be recorded for tax purposes.

  5. Do I incur any costs?

    No. Depending on your place of residence and your mobility, you will come to us to our studio and we will do a little shooting with you. This shoot is free of charge and with it, you can create your model profile and your comp card. We also need some personal data from you for the recording. You should bring along two or three outfits for this appointment – you will find out what exactly that is when we make an appointment and you get in personal contact with us. However, we reserve the right to charge you a fee of 60 euros, should you leave within one year after entry into our card index. If you have your own digital and suitable image material, we will add it to the casting photos. After the shootings, we always ask our customers for image and photo material to keep your profile up to date.

  6. How long will I be represented by castin?

    Each of our models remains in our card index at least one year from the date of entry. If, after the end of the year, we have not contacted you to schedule a post casting or if you have not received a job request in the course of a year, we reserve the right to completely erase and carefully dispose of your image data and your personal data.

  7. What happens if I have a job request but have no time?

    castin informs you as soon as you have a job request. You can refuse it if you have no time. This has no effect on your future placement opportunities. However, if you have accepted a job offer, or have given us an option, this is binding with regard to the contract and the term.

  8. What is an option and are there differences?

    An option is an information for our customer on the schedule status, which of the models is available in the planned shooting period. The customer receives a booking option on you and thus, the opportunity to book you. There are three options that we pass on to the customer: "1st option", "2nd option" and "not available". If you give us a 1st option, the customer has the opportunity to book you on this date, and you keep it binding until the customer has accepted or rejected it. If you give us a 2nd option, another customer already has a 1st option on this date, or you still need to clarify if you are available on that day/during this period. The customer then moves up to the 1st option accordingly, as soon as the appointment has become available. Not available means that you are not available on that date.

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