Booking, Casting and much more

Upon your request, we will quickly put together a first, clear selection of comp cards. Either you will get a calculation of the fees or we will work within your budget. Then you will define your favourites. We will request them as well as their availability and current snapshots. We will be also pleased to query special information and abilities for you. The next step will be an overview, from which you will choose your final favourites. And there it is – your face.

Street castings, e-castings, snapshots

During an e-casting, the models make a video of themselves and send it to us. Or do you prefer special snapshots with corresponding poses and settings? We can also look around the streets for suitable new faces. And believe us, we know and find what we are looking for.

A private studio clears the way

Our beautiful room is worth its weight in gold. Everything is possible here, without us having to spend time on location search. We arrange and assist on-site card shootings, video castings, fittings and everything in between.

Face found – and now?

As soon as you have decided on your people, it’s our turn to deal with the contracts and the organisation. We take care of travel and accommodation. Also, the briefing and the support of the models fall to us. We can arrange stylists, make-up artists and a delicious catering from our partner "Bei Frau Nanna" as well. In short: You don’t have to worry about anything concerning the model.


Everything runs smoothly – we will take care of that. castin organises and manages your casting, live or e-casting along with all associated processes, including the cooperation with other agencies. First of all, we calculate the total budget. We coordinate the booking, organise the arrival and accommodation of the models, write briefings and are contact persons for the bunch of questions that will surely arise. We handle the booking process, organise stylists and make-up artists as well as the catering for the models. You will have a comprehensive overview of the project procedure all the time. Subsequently, the photo and video files as well as the availability of the requested candidates will be properly managed. The last thing we will do, is to issue the final itemised invoice. P.S.: We work on the basis of our own card index and also with other agencies. We are based in Frankfurt but we also organise your projects throughout Germany.


Before making a decision, you’d like see the following: Your candidates in action. For live and video castings, the applicants will re-enact scenes based on the storyboard and the shooting theme, or will a short introductory video of your favourites be enough? We like to produce the recordings in our own studio. Equipment, light, sound, camera, assembly and disassembly of the set, casting director and support – we take care of it all. We don’t need a location or an external film production to shoot the castings. If you want, we can cut the material. At the end, the data will be transmitted to you, beautifully sorted, together with a casting sheet. By the way: We also offer such castings in other cities and also in cooperation with other agencies.


It’s convenient if the location search is not necessary. Whether for fittings, shootings or seminars – our bright studio offers space for your productive and creative development. With everything you need:

  • Area about 50 sqm
  • Kitchenette and lavatory
  • Make-up table
  • Integrated locker room
  • Daylight
  • Conference table/dining table
  • 1 x background mount measuring 3.56 m
  • 4 x background mount measuring 2.75 m
  • Backgrounds in different colours
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